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Just Moved Into My New Home…Won’t you Come Visit?

My Wilderness Journey has taken me on a New Path I am relocating and I’d like you to travel with me on the new path that I am taking! My Blog has a new address: http://www.pamelabyrd.com THIS NEW JOURNEY  has … Continue reading

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Hello Fear — Let’s Talk

As a journal writing Practitioner, I am constantly sharing tips on the many styles of journal writing and how this thought-provoking practice serves as a tool for self reflection, personal growth and healing. One of the most rewarding styles of … Continue reading

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The Vast Difference Between a Gaze and a Fleeting Glance

I Cherish  the time I devote to studying the Bible, particularly the Old Testament. Why? Because it  is the foundation from which our boundaries were established.  The lessons learned from this time, and application in our current lives yield blessings … Continue reading

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Now, THAT’S The Love of God!

When you cozy up to a fireplace on a cold, snowy day… That’s the Love of God When you curl up under a warm comforter in your nice, soft bed after a long day on your feet… That’s the love … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, Did You Just Say Something Nice???

Do you turn the channel when you see bad or negative? Children impoverished, or being exploited for sex trafficking, women in the sex trade? “Oh, she’s a prostitute, stay away from her!” NEWS FLASH, it doesn’t have to be on … Continue reading

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I Received My Invitation…”What on ‘Earth’ Will I Wear?!

I HAVE BEEN INVITED!! I have accepted the invitation by activating my R.S.V.P.-– to enter into a special, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Savior, My Lord, My teacher and My Friend. I consider it an honor to be … Continue reading

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Are You In The Belly of the Whale? Lessons From Jonah

So…Here was Jonah, a man chosen by God, minding his own business.   God comes to him and instructs him to go to Nineveh to warn the Ninevites of God’s wrath and pending danger. Allow me to paint a picture … Continue reading

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Are You Blocking Your Own Blessing?

BLESSINGS DON’T ALWAYS COME THE WAY WE THINK THEY WILL  When we ask God for something, He’s not going to give it in the way we have rehearsed it in our minds.  The purpose is clear, but the process is … Continue reading

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“6 Steps to Capturing your “Year in Review”

You Have to Know Where You Have Been In Order to Know Where You Are Going IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN.  You’re probably thinking, turkey, black Friday, holiday shopping, parties and the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday … Continue reading

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The Valley of Achor – What’s Standing in the Way of Your Victory?

I HAVE TO TELL YOU, my fervent study of the old testament as a foundation for my coaching practice, Wilderness Journeys  has allowed me to form quite a  kinship with Joshua.  I am led to share my illuminating reflection and … Continue reading

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