The Art of Journaling – This 2 (or 3) hour Workshop assists individuals in setting healthy boundaries and eliminating self-defeating patterns in order to live more fulfilling lives.  I have been journaling since I was 10 years old and am passionate about helping others to discover the benefits of journaling as a vehicle for getting through life’s issues.

Group Coaching

Something’s Gotta Give!” A 12-week Women’s Empowerment Group (Virtual)

This group has been designed for women who are committed to making impactful changes in their lives.  This community of women will serve as a resource, a source of strength, support and accountability to assist each participant with achieving their goals.  It also serves as a vehicle for empowering each woman to do the work necessary for eliciting changes needed to live life more abundantly.

One – on – One Coaching

If you are basically well, and need to “kick-start an area of your life, coaching might just be the solution.  Life coaching is a solution that ever-increasing numbers of people are turning to in order to improve specific aspects of their lives.  If you are considering enlisting the support of a professional Life Coach, contact me for a complimentary consultation to see if this is right for you.

To Discuss options for either of the services listed above, please contact me

(866) 230-6302




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