I’m Sorry, Did You Just Say Something Nice???

Do you turn the channel when you see bad or negative?

Children impoverished, or being exploited for sex trafficking, women in the sex trade? “Oh, she’s a prostitute, stay away from her!”

gossipNEWS FLASH, it doesn’t have to be on the television screen, it could be right in front of your eyes.  You criticize, shake your head, or just turn and walk away.  Everything we see in this world allows us another opportunity to realize just how blessed we are.  How thankful we are for what God has done for us.

Every time we be-little another human being- every time we criticize, judge or condemn, we are exposing our own insecurities.  If we can just prove to ourselves that SOMEONE is less of a human being than we are, we can feel a little better about ourselves.

We don’t have to cut anyone  down to lift ourselves up.  The more opportunity we give ourselves to give thanks, the more compassion we have for others because we realize that we are blessed, and blessed for a reason – to be a blessing to others.


I walk around every day noticing the good in others.   Because of what I do, I teach women to always accentuate their best asset(s).  Play it up!  Everyone has some good quality that they can make the most of.  But I don’t stop there.  I take it one step further.  I tell them what I notice about them.  Why?  Because I know who I am and Who’s I am, and I am blessed to be a blessing to others.


YOUR DAILY MISSION (should you accept it) should be to  make someone else’s day just a little brighter.  So many people have never had anyone pay them a genuine compliment!  That’s sad, isn’t it?


two women

Make it your goal to speak blessings into someone’s life every day.  “That’s a really nice tie”, “I love those shoes”,  “your hair looks really nice today”, or “You’ve done a really great job with your kids”Your ability to do this will have to come from a confidence in who you are and a thankfulness for all you are in Christ and the acknowledgement of all that he has already done for you.




Pamela Byrd (Wilderness Journeys) is a Spiritual Life Coach and Journaling Practitioner.

She is a staunch advocate for human potential and partners with individuals in learning how to develop the discipline of personal journaling as a tool for personal growth .

She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.

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How Courageous Are YOU?

Your Biggest Testimony of Courage Comes From Your Willingness to Look Inside of Yourself

What comes to mind when you hear the word courage?  Better yet, Whom?

storm cloudWhen I hear the word courage, I immediately define it as standing firm in the midst of adversity.

When I think of whom, I envision a mother running to save or rescue her children who are standing in the path of danger—without premeditated thought or consideration.  The courage this mother possesses goes beyond rational thinking or analysis.  It hits at the heart of protection.  Protection of those she loves.

I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, falling back on my maternal instinct.  What about you?  This view may resonate with you, maybe not.  You may envision something totally different, and that’s okay.

What I have come to realize is that it’s perfectly okay to envision something surprisingly different than anyone else and that my view or opinion is based on my own experiences and frame of reference.

As I submerge myself in the journaling process, I am awakened to my need to consider other perspectives.  What I have learned through this process of journaling is that my way is not always the right way.  There are too many dynamics entwined in each interaction to deny ourselves the opportunity to truly understand why people do the things they do, then to assume our way is the best and only way.  Journaling provides you the opportunity to uncover what is real and what is imagined.


dig deeperThis journey of capturing thoughts will not be easy.  This journey of reflection takes courage.  It can be draining, revealing and humbling.  Nevertheless, it is illuminating.  It is necessary to shine light on ourselves, allowing us to see ourselves as we really are.

If progress is what we desire, we have to muster the courage it requires to be clear, to see clearly; where we are and how far we have come in order to move forward.  It’s only through journaling that I have been able to do that.

Allow Me to Be Transparent…

I recently experienced a conflict with my husband, okay, a difference of opinion based on each of our responses to a particular situation. (Quite trivial, I might add, but sometimes, trivial situations bring out the need for reflection of self and our responsive behavior.)

This conflict could have easily sent me plummeting into my typical, well-rehearsed negative [and might I add] immature response.  My ability to step back and analyze the situation through journaling provided me with an opportunity for reflection.  My goal was to identify a pattern.  The courageous part of this journey of discovery was that I intentionally opened myself up to what I would discover.  In preparation, I offered myself the possibility that the pattern revealed might be one that uncovered flaws in my own behavior versus his.  It is because of my own pattern revealed that this message is being created for you right now.

Your courage to look inside of yourself through this process of journaling will empower you to identify why you see things the way you do.  Why you respond the way you do in particular situations, to particular people, and give you permission to see these scenarios through different eyes.  To provide clarity of view; sometimes, as in my case, removing the veil that has been clouding your own view like steam from the shower on a bathroom mirror.

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting ______________    _______________.  See, I don’t even have to complete the sentence; you can fill in the blanks for yourself.  I guarantee you, everyone who is reading this will fill in the blanks with the same response.

Are You Immersed in The Cycle of Insanity?


I will tell you, sanity comes from having the courage to look inside of yourself to see if, “Maybe it’s not everybody else…maybe it’s me.”

It’s not until we muster this courage, the courage that my example of the mother, having the courage, no matter the risk, to go after that which was important to her.

When we muster that level of courage, we are able to change who we have become to who God needs us to be.  I am confident that my medal of courage is within reach.



PamB_DK-2011-2969Pamela Byrd (Wilderness Journeys) is a Spiritual Life Coach and Journaling Practitioner.

She is a staunch advocate for human potential and partners with individuals in learning how to develop the discipline of personal journaling as a tool for personal growth .

She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.

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How to Receive A Gift EVERY DAY

You know, we’re always going to have good days and bad days.  It’s how we use our good days that will determine how we get through the bad ones. 

sad day (3)

If I were to ask you how many good days you had in 2012 and how many bad days, most likely, you would not be able to provide an accurate account.

Here’s my point—if it’s important enough, you’ll remember it.  So, back to my original question—How many bad days have you had this year, and how many good days?  If you were to seriously ponder this question, you would probably conclude that you have had more good days than bad.

Let’s make this even simpler.  It’s still January.  How many good days have you had so far this year and how many bad days?  Some of us don’t even know what we had for dinner last Tuesday, let alone last night!  Now, you might not think what you ate for dinner is worthy of using up brain matter right now, but it is for someone who may not have had a meal since then, or for someone who needs to follow a strict diet for health reasons.

happy girlI can pretty much guarantee you that after speaking to me; further analysis would increase your good to bad ratio by at least 50%.  Here’s why.

Everything we go through has made us who we are today, and who we are today is merely preparation for who we will be in the future.

If every day we occupy this earthly space were viewed as an opportunity to grow more into who God made us to be, we would embrace every experience and lesson learned as extraordinary gifts in beautifully wrapped packages.

Have you ever received an unexpected gift?  A package delivered to your door?  How elated you must have been to be the recipient of such a thoughtful gesture.

Every day we receive a gift–a gift of experience wrapped in a nice pretty package.  It’s available for us to open.  A funny thing about wrapped gift boxes, we never know what’s inside until we open them.  Sadly, many people collect gifts that remain unopened.  You have an opportunity to discover lessons learned.  Each lesson learned allows you to open one more gift.


If your careful reflection of the days gone by has resulted in the identification of more bad days than good, I encourage you to begin capturing your days in writing through the practice of journaling.  Every day, ask yourself the question, “What Did I Learn Today?”  You will be amazed at the gifts you unwrap through this simple, yet thought provoking effort.  (By the way, life is simple, we just make it complicated.)   I refer to this journal writing style as “Lessons Learned”.

It’s not until we take the time to truly reflect on our day to day experiences that we begin to understand who we really are.  Once we have a better understanding of who we are, we can become a willing participant in plans for a better future, one that allows us, and equips us to be all that God has made us to be.


Pamela Byrd, Spiritual Coach for Women in Transition

Pamela Byrd  is a Spiritual Life Coach and Journaling Practitioner.  She is a staunch advocate for human potential and partners with individuals in learning how to develop the discipline of personal journaling as a tool for personal growth .   She has been journaling since she was 11 years old and conducts highly interactive journaling workshops both live and virtually for groups, churches and a variety of organizations.

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The cycle of change gives us windows of opportunity in which to make decisions.
Sometimes that cycle only goes around once. Miss it and the opportunity is gone ^
John Maxwell
THE NEED FOR CHANGE IS PREVALENT IN TODAY’S SOCIETY.  Unfortunately, the desire for change is not as easily embraced.  When it is, the change we are hoping for tends to lean toward a change in external forces; a job, the economy, a change from the heat (or cold), or a change in gas prices.
We are predominantly consumed with changing things we have no control over.  Have you ever traveled to a pre-determined destination on a road that you have traveled many times?  Your subconscious mind has implanted the route in your mind, relieving you of the task of even thinking about it.  Ahhh… but here comes a hiccup;  on this particular day, the road has been closed due to road construction.  Oh my, what on earth do you do???
1.  ____ Sit there until the road re-opens?
2.  ____ Pick up that cell phone and complain to the DOT
                  (Department of Transportation)?
3.  ____ Take a detour?
If you checked #1, you are waiting for someone else to change things in your life.  “If I sit here long enough, things are bound to change for me, then I will move forward.”
So many times, this thought process relates to waiting for other people in our lives to change before we do.  Just imagine how much you miss waiting for someone or something else to change.
If you checked #2, you are making excuses that prevent you from making the change that could get you to where you want to be.
THERE are many layman interpretations or definitions of the word “excuses”.   My favorite definition comes from Pastor Creflo Dollar, founder of World Changers Church, International in Atlanta, Georgia.
“Me Removing Myself From the Path of Blame”
hiding little girlAre you hiding behind your wall of excuses for the changes you want to make in your life? Don’t say you want to change if you are not willing to do what it takes to change.
If you checked #3, you understand that it is YOU and only YOU that has the power to change your outcome.
CHANGE  is a process, and that process begins in your mind.  While we can’t change external forces, we can change our reaction to them.  Many times, we don’t have a problem to solve…we just have a decision to make and that decision usually requires change in some form.
The first step in the process of owning change is to eliminate excuses:
I want to change, but…”
“I want to eliminate this in my life, but…”
“I know I can do that, but…”

eraser“But” is the “eraser” for the words stated before it and cancels out any possibility for change.

Here’s a challenge I give to you; identify the number of times you use the word “but” in a sentence every day. Now think of the statements that you have erased just before it.  Each “but” you speak is permission you give yourself to make an excuse as to why your change doesn’t occur.

red hot shoes for blog postI DARE YOU to collect a quarter for every time you catch yourself.  You just might be able to buy yourself that pair of shoes you’ve been admiring at the end of the month, or buy yourself a nice dinner from a restaurant that doesn’t display the menu over your head!
It is not an instant “I Dream of Jeannie” arm crossing, head nodding event.
It takes time.
Your embrace of this process has to begin somewhere, and that is in your mind.
Romans 12:2 states, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”
I once heard John Maxwell share a quote,
“There’s a choice we make in everything we do, but just remember, that in the end, 
the choice you make makes you”.
IF you sincerely want something to change in your life, eliminate the excuses and begin to discover what you truly want to change and begin the process.
IF change is something you are ready for, on your terms, please share your response to the question of what you would do in the event of a road block (#’s 1 – 3 above).
Is this a revelation or confirmation for you?
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I Received My Invitation…”What on ‘Earth’ Will I Wear?!

Woman Checking Outfit in Mirror


I have accepted the invitation by activating my R.S.V.P.-– to enter into a special, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as my Savior, My Lord, My teacher and My Friend.

I consider it an honor to be invited.  It’s as if I have received an invitation to; the White House, Buckingham Palace, or maybe even an Inaugural Ball.

As women, what is the first thing we think about when we receive such an invitation?

“What on earth will I wear?!”

A more appropriate question to ask might be, “What in spirit will I wear?!”   The preparation begins, at times, even before we accept the invitation.  When we think of attending such a special affair, we begin to seek out proper attire, proper behavior, proper protocol;  “How do I respond?”, “What is proper attire?”, “How do I stand?”, “How do I sit?”,  “Which is the salad fork and which is the soup spoon?”, and “when do I pick up my napkin?”

These are questions  for which answers we must learn before the event takes place.  In our preparation for accepting my personal, special invitation to solidifying my personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I have to be sure that I am prepared.  I have work to do.

CB100748The last thing I want is to arrive at this magnificent event unprepared.  I would hate to stand out like a sore thumb, looking out-of-place.  To avoid embarrassment at all costs, I must be prepared. No flying by the seat of my pants on this one!

So, how does one prepare for such an event?  One must first understand what they are preparing for.   What will this event offer you?  What will you walk away with?  What wonders will be in store for you while you are there?  This relationship offers you a Savior, a Lord, a teacher and a friend.

How can you possibly prepare to receive these amazing gifts?  


By understanding their value:

1.  My Savior – It’s because of this great sacrifice that I am assured everlasting life.  I have been given a VIP pass into the heavenly realm upon my death.  I no longer have to worry about what will happen to me.  I KNOW my final outcome. I can rest.  It’s as if I have finally sat in my seat at a concert that I was given tickets to attend, but  left my tickets at home, three hours away.  I’ve been given favor to enter.  Now, I can relax and enjoy the performance. I can now rest and enjoy, basking in his magnificent presence FOREVER!

2.  My Lord – I NEVER have to worry about anything. He’s got my back!  He’s my body-guard, my protector, my leader. He fights for me and before me.  I can walk in confidence knowing that a path has been cleared for me, from all dangers, to walk freely on the path he has chosen especially for me.

3.  My Teacher – A good teacher leads and guides.  An excellent teacher will teach you based on your learning style.  I can count on God leading me in the way I learn best.  Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic (hands on) learner, God will place you in the position to learn based on your individual learning style.

  • If you are an auditory learner, He will teach you through what you hear.
  • If you are a visual learner, He will teach you through what see, and
  • If you are a kinesthetic learner, he will teach you lessons through what you do.

God knows how to teach me, whereby making it easier for me to receive and apply His teaching.  Lessons learned help me to be all I can be in order to do what He needs me to do.

4.  My Friend – Seasons come and go in our lives, just as people.  Some for a moment, some for a particular period of time, some for a life time.  Jesus is my life time friend.

I never  worry whether or not He will be there for me.  

I never wonder whether or not something will be misinterpreted that may cause Him

to get angry and stop speaking to me.  

I don’t get jealous because He is spending time with someone else.

 I know He will always listen and that He will always be there for me, no matter what I do.  There is no better friend than that.  But, in order to have a friend, you have to be a friend, and give that friend all that they give to you.

guest registrySo, you see, I accept this glorious invitation.  I send my RSVP willingly, and begin my preparations to position myself to receive ALL that is freely given to me.  My preparation involves seeking Him;

  • what He likes,
  • what pleases Him,

so that as I enter into His presence, I am more than a guest.  Doing all the right things, following all the right protocol.

Once I know that I am fully prepared, I know that I am not only a guest, but His special guest, seated at the head table, blessed and highly favored!

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A Labor of Love – Expanding This Journey in 2013

Wilderness Journey

 IT HAS BEEN 6 years since I began my entrepreneurial journey.  This past year of getting on track with God’s purpose for my life has been full of blessings and growth.  I have been blessed to meet some amazing individuals who have touched my life in so many ways.  Building a business that allows you to live your passion and use your spiritual gifts is the best prescription for success.  This is where growth begins to occur exponentially.

Developing my craft over the past year has truly been a Labor of Love

I know that sounds cliché, but let’s take a moment to define “Labor”.  The dictionary defines labor as “physical exertion that is usually difficult and exhaustive.”  This explanation is further defined by one’s own perspective;

A mother equates labor with childbirth

Individuals who go to work every day conjure up thoughts of a day off for “Labor Day”, a time of rest away from their arduous day-to-day employment responsibilities

To put it bluntly, labor means “WORK”!  To truly understand and appreciate the labor of work, it is important to look at it in terms of a verb vs. a noun.  That can be done in either of the examples I have given; however, it is important to remember that each act of labor (as a verb) leads to a desired outcome;

as a mother, you are laboring toward a precious new creation.

As an employee, you are working toward a paycheck, a means toward survival.

My coaching practice has been a “labor of love” in that it has given me an opportunity to build toward doing what is ultimately my purpose.



Growth in terms of commitment, self-discipline facing fears and overcoming rejection, all qualities needed in order to achieve success.  Is that easy? Not at all… it’s WORK!  But, understanding the outcome makes the labor well worth the effort.

It is important to confess, that I did not go this alone.  I have had mentors, coaches and spiritual guidance along the way.  Contrary to what we may believe, we cannot go it alone.  Realizing that you do not have to go at it alone is the first step toward reaching your goals.  If this were not true, you would already be there.


The work I have done  over the past year has provided me with clarity, direction and purpose.  Each client and each new relationship I have developed has led me to realize the importance of following my heart and utilizing the spiritual gifts that God has given me.  This growth process has tailored my focus on guiding others toward their own spiritual growth.

holdhandsThere is no end to your journey, but there is an end to your time in the wilderness.  Through the exact same disciplines that I have come to embrace in building my coaching practice, you can navigate successfully through your own wilderness by committing to your own growth through;



                                       facing fears and

moving toward a life of wholeness

This next year begins a new focus for Wilderness Journeys.  I  will continue to support victorious women as they learn to set boundaries in every aspect of their lives in order to live life more abundantly.   In taking it one step further, I will be sharing tools that will equip them on their journey, and helping them to discover their gifts and the reasons for them.   This is when blessings really begin to manifest in their lives.                                                          


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It Just Doesn’t Hurt Bad Enough!

I love to tell the story of the whimpering canine that is hunched over on the front porch of a little country house on a little country road

As a city gentleman passes the house with the owner sitting on the front porch, rocking in a rocking chair accompanied by his companion friend, his dog, this city gentleman stops to say hello. During his brief conversation with the nice man, he notices that the dog is whimpering. This whimpering continued throughout the dialog between the owner and the passerby. As the two men continued with pleasantries, the city gentleman inquired of the owner, “I’m curious, why is your dog whimpering?” The owner replied, “Oh, he is sitting on a nail”. Out of curiosity, the gentleman inquired, “I see…but I have to ask….why doesn’t he just get off the nail?”

The owner shrugged, “I guess it doesn’t hurt bad enough”.

This story seemed too familiar to me. 

Many women are sitting on a nail and whimpering. 

Life has dealt them a hand that they don’t like to play. 

Instead of throwing in the hand for another deal, they choose to sit with their current hand and whimper about its  ineffectiveness.

Why don’t they get off the nail?

Why do they continue to endure the pain vs. ridding themselves of the obstruction that is inflicting so much pain?

I can only assume that it doesn’t hurt bad enough.

So many times, God is prompting us to take that first step, but our fear of what’s in store keeps us right where we are. 

Sound familiar?  Let’s go back to the time of Moses.  I believe we all  know how long the Israelites wondered in the wilderness…what was it…40 years?

Interestingly enough, the actual distance from Egypt to the promise land was only a 13 day journey.  Why do you think it took so long?  You guessed it…

it just didn’t hurt bad enough. 

They complained about their circumstances, but were not willing to follow the steps provided to them by their guide, Moses.  The result, many died in that wilderness, unable to truly experience what God had promised them.

Who is to blame for the dog’s pain? 

Is it the nail?  Is it the owner?  Come to think of it, who was to blame for the 40 year journey?

Was it God?

Was it Moses?

We all are in a position to make choices.  We all have that power.  What we choose to do with that power is totally up to us, with no blame on anyone else.  Whatever you choose to do, you have made a choice.

woman screamingThere’s a choice you make in everything you do, but keep in mind, that in the end, the choice you make, makes you.

Are You Ready to Get Off the Nail?

“Something’s Gotta Give!” Women’s Master Mind Group enables women to get off the nail.

To begin healing the wounds that have been  inflicted from sitting on the nail too long.

It is NOT a pity party where women commiserate and wallow in their pain.  It is a forum for women to come together to move forward toward achieving their goals in a safe, productive environment…and only for those who are ready, for those who are sick and tired or being sick and tired, and are ready to achieve something more.

NO MORE SAD  STORIES!  2013 is a year for breakthrough, if you choose for it to be…the choice us up to you.

Unless of course, the nail, just doesn’t hurt bad enough.

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Are You In The Belly of the Whale? Lessons From Jonah

So…Here was Jonah, a man chosen by God, minding his own business.  

WhaleGod comes to him and instructs him to go to Nineveh to warn the Ninevites of God’s wrath and pending danger.

Allow me to paint a picture for you…

Jonah was quite comfortable.  (We don’t know exactly what he was comfortable with.  He could have become so accustomed to his routine , possibly unsatisfied life that there was no need to question his state. ) At any rate, he was comfortable.

ALL OF A SUDDEN, he is given instructions to come out of his comfort zone and do what he was called to do.  This would not have been a problem for Jonah, had he been called in an area where he was comfortable (Israel), or with people he was comfortable with (the Israelites).

BUT NOOOOO…..God has to call him to warn and prepare his “enemies” (the Ninevites), the ultimate rival to Israel.  Forget the rivalries you may be familiar with; Michigan State vs. Ohio State, USC vs. UCLA, or even the infamous rival between the “Hatfields’ and McCoys'”.  THIS rivalry was comparable to North and South Korea! Jonah had been instructed to preach repentance to the Ninevites, his enemies, in order to save them from God’s impending wrath. To share with them what he knew to be true about “His God”, that which the Ninevites were not accustomed to, nor interested in hearing.

Woman running in the oceanSo…as typical for one out of obedience, Jonah tries to run away from his responsibility and flee to Tarshish.  Mind you, in the opposite direction of Nineveh.

Can you say, “Run, Forest, Run!”?  

 This chosen detour from his assignment unveils a long and tumultuous     journey that would ultimately bring him back to obedience and fulfillment of God’s purpose for his life.

Now, let’s imagine,

here you are, minding your own business, and God is giving you “your” assignment.  First, you try to ignore Him, but He keeps nudging you like flies hovering around your food at a picnic table; through thoughts, dreams, people speaking words into your life, and uprooted circumstances.

This call that God has for you is not exactly easy, so you run…sometimes, as Jonah, in the complete opposite direction of the path that will get you to your assigned destination.

Similar to Jonah, you will undoubtedly run into (if you haven’t already) a series of calamities that will uproot your life as you know it.  Can I get an Amen?! If God gives you an assignment (and you had better believe He has, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this), EMBRACE IT!


Mot importantly, remember that your decision to embrace or not embrace His calling on your life affects more than you. Jonah’s decision to run greatly jeopardized the lives of everyone on that ship he boarded to Tarshish.  In his feeble attempt to run from his assignment, innocent lives were at stake. Through God’s mercy, they were spared and Jonah was tossed into the sea (thrown overboard) and experienced the lowest moments of his life, unsure if he would even survive.


little girl hidingSometimes, we place ourselves in a position so far away from where God wants us, simply out of disobedience and an unwillingness to move out of our comfort zone into the place that will position us to serve God and so many others.  By doing this, we jeopardize not only our own lives, as Jonah realized, but innocent lives as well.

IF YOU find it difficult to follow that path that God is calling you to take, ask Him to help you.  He will give you the right attitude and the strength (and the courage) to carry it out.  If not for you, then for those that will be blessed by your obedience.  When you do this, God will respond to you, as He did to Jonah.  He will deliver you from that “belly” of despair.

Similar to Jonah’s lesson, sometimes, God has to place us in a position to get our attention.  No matter how desperate your situation may seem, know that when you allow Him to be the Head of you life, and no matter what He has called you to do, He will hear your prayers and will help you.  At that point, trust that your victory will come, just as it did for Jonah.

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How Do You Know if You Are Progressing, or Just Standing Still??

ImageHow do we know if we’re progressing, moving (either forward or backwards), or simply standing still?  I recently heard a Pastor speak on depression. He lamented,
“God, is this all there is?…” upon waking in the morning, “…if so, I’m angry!” 
How many mornings do you wake up feeling the same way, waking up with no hope?  Here is my challenging question to you…How can you hope for more without “doing” something to change the outcome?
Now, if you are a big picture person; if you see the proverbial “forest” and not the “trees”, than it’s time to get into the details of your life.  It’s time to take a nose dive from your view overlooking the forest and journey towards the trees to look at them more closely.  You most assuredly will be surprised because they do not look the same from this new vantage point. By the time you have completed the tree inspection process, and begin your ascension to the top of the forest, things will look totally different.  Not that the forest has changed, mind you, but your outlook is different based on your new found knowledge of what each tree reveals from a magnified view point. Only then, will a new outcome be revealed to you.
Your first step is acknowledgement.  As an avid “journal er”, my mantra remains, “Life is like a chalkboard and you hold the eraser…to erase away old habits and patterns. Before you can erase it, you have to see it on the board”. In your case, my friend, by taking that proverbial journey into the forest to investigate the trees in your life; a job that isn’t providing the satisfaction it once did, the confusion between whether past decisions were the right ones, and the big one, forgiveness for someone you have wronged, or someone who has wronged you, those trees that collectively make up your forest, you will be in an ideal position to face these giants that keep you in your wilderness.
The beauty of life, is that you never, ever, ever have to go it alone.  As you consider moving toward change this year, partner with us as we take a journey into the wilderness to uncover those stakes that are holding you back from your forward progression.
Let your answers to the following 4 questions help you decide:
  • Am I where I thought I would be 5 years ago?
  • Do I have a plan for fulfilling my life goals?
  • Am I on track for where God wants me to be?
  • Am I using my spiritual gifts for the purposes God Intended?
If you answered no to any of these questions, join me for a complimentary webcast to uncover those things that may be holding you back from living your life on purpose.
To register, post a comment or email your interest and any questions to: www.findingyourpath@pamelabyrd.com
2013 Will be here before you know it.  Your preparation will yield powerful results for the coming year, but only if you’re ready.              
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