Just Moved Into My New Home…Won’t you Come Visit?

MovingMy Wilderness Journey has taken me on a New Path

I am relocating and I’d like you to travel with me on the new path that I am taking!

My Blog has a new address:

Web Header4http://www.pamelabyrd.com

THIS NEW JOURNEY  has given me an opportunity to better equip you for “your journey”.   I hope that you will join me at www.pamelabyrd.com and continue to be a part of my community.

Let's Take a Peak at What's in Store

Let’s Take a Peak at What’s in Store


  • You will continue to gain valuable insight into the intricate world of Journal writing as a tool for personal growth.
  • You will also gain clarity in the significance of setting boundaries in your life in order to live life more abundantly.

These two areas of focus, working in concert will enable you to work through challenges that prevent you from moving forward in many areas.

As a Journaling Practitioner and Boundaries Mentor, my goal is to:

  • Support you in working through uncertainties with tools and resources that will empower you to achieve all that is possible for you.
  • Help you to recognize your God given talents and abilities and equip you to build upon them for substantial growth.

I am still unpacking so there’s boxes everywhere, but no work for you,  just come on over and let’s cozy up for a nice cup of coffee (or tea, or wine, your preference), make yourself at home, and let’s grow together!

deck chairs


About Wilderness Journeys.. finding your path

Life Coach for Women in Transition. A stanch advocate for human potential with an unwavering commitment to assisting women on their path toward spiritual growth.
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