The Valley of Achor – What’s Standing in the Way of Your Victory?

“You can not stand before your enemies until you take away from among you the things devoted [to destruction]. Joshua 7:13

I HAVE TO TELL YOU, my fervent study of the old testament as a foundation for my coaching practice, Wilderness Journeys  has allowed me to form quite a  kinship with Joshua.  I am led to share my illuminating reflection and awe-inspiring perspective of
Joshua Chapter 7:

WHEN THE ISREALITES went in to possess the land of Ai, (near Beth-aven), they believed that the Lord would be with them.  Why wouldn’t He?  After all, He had delivered them this far, and had instructed them to “fear not”.  And hey, when God tells me to fear not,  I FEAR NOT!  Hark, my brothers and sisters; what the Israelites didn’t know was that several of their army

“buddies” had committed a trespass in the previous battle.  Several of these men had stolen or taken items that Joshua had specifically forbade them from taking.  These acts of disobedience and lack of submission to authority kindled God’s anger.  They had stolen and lied.  That is why they could not stand against their enemies.

Look how the disobedience of a few caused many to perish.  Consequently,  these few needed to be destroyed to save the many from God’s wrath in order for them to proceed onto victory.

“There are Accursed Things in the Midst of You”

Joshua 7:13:  “You can’t stand before your enemies until you take away from among you the things devoted [to destruction]”.

What are you holding on to, or affixing to yourself that is preventing you

from winning the battle against the enemy?


  • Past mistakes
  • People who drain your “tub of energy”
  • Defeating beliefs about yourself
  • Habits that de-value and debilitate your forward progression (adding no value whatsoeva’) (mispelling intentional)

THE ISRAELITES GAINED confidence after their first battle, therefore, they had no reason  to believe that they would not be victorious in the second one.  Little did they know that they were in the midst of those that had disobeyed god’s laws and that some would have to pay the price for that breach of commitment.

Holding on to things that don’t belong to you and belong to the one who places these things in your path like a noose around your neck,  halting your forward progression  is like giving satan the keys to your home and allowing him free reign.  “Go ahead, make yourself at home.  Can I get you a cup of coffee?”  Your willingness and ability to reflect on these self-defeating patterns will ensure that you are evicting the enemy from your home and kicking him to the curb!

So…what can we learn from this:

1)       Identify the problem (the obstacle)

2)      Resolve the problem (remove the obstacle)

3)      Put systems in place to ensure that it doesn’t happen again (hinder your moving                          forward).

In Other Words, don’t  give up because of a setback.  Take serious time for reflection and identify those things or people who may be dropping a “fly in your ointment” causing you to stumble.  Take the steps needed to eliminate the cause.  God gives us the wisdom to identify, resolve and solidify correction.  He also blesses us with the ability to learn from it and move on…back on track toward attaining your victory. He has assured us that we will triumph “if” (such a big word in the Bible..I love it!) we listen to Him and obey.  Whatever obstacles are standing in your path today, do not be afraid, because God is with you.  Allow him to be your guide in pursuing your purpose and be mindful of those things that may be standing in your way!


About Wilderness Journeys.. finding your path

Life Coach for Women in Transition. A stanch advocate for human potential with an unwavering commitment to assisting women on their path toward spiritual growth.
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